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So, what is it that brings folks from more than two dozen states to Jefferson, Texas each year for a weekend that mixes a little dust and dirt with an ounce or two of high voltage noise?
Vintage motorcycles… lots of gray hair, a little mud and classic motorcycles. That’s what brings well over 1,300 folks to Jefferson for three days of fun and competition.
There’s entertainment and motorcycles, great outdoor food and motorcycles and all the noise that goes along with motorcycle racing. Where else can you have motorcycles speeding past the crowd gathered along the 1.5 mile roped off course, a barge moving slowly up the nearby river and a steam engine, complete with passengers, slowly meandering through the trees and along the railroad tracks that are within 20 yards of the race track at one point.
If you’re in to family outings and you don’t mind a little dust, consider a visit to “Diamond” Don Rainey’s brain child.
It really is about vintage motorcycle competition and it also doubles as a swap-meet at moments where you can find old parts for old motorcycles.
Turns out ol’ Diamond Don his own self got the name when he was a car salesman and professional motorcycle racer in the 1970s flashin’ a big diamond ring his father had given him. The name stuck easily and today he’s already planning next year’s event.
His annual vintage motorcycle competition is just one of several events he and Francene hold and they had 823 entries over three days of racing in their 2011 event.
Those entries came from as far away as California to the west and Pennsylvania and southward to Florida on the east coast. There were numerous entries from Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana to the north and plenty more from cowboy country that ranges from Texas to Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.
Both Carolinas were represented, along with Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.
High dollar RVs and a couple of teepees, honest, a couple of teepees were found among the campers that made the area home for a short time.
If you enjoy dirt track racing, complete with jumps and mud holes, visit their website ( for a complete schedule of events and we hope you enjoy the pictures on our website.