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L. Finney - East Texas

"What wonderful pictures - that conjure up all kinds of nice thoughts and memories of a more relaxed lifestyle than we have made for ourselves today. We need not only to stop and smell the roses, but stop and enjoy God's creatures. Thanks for bringing us so many good stories of life in your area."

S. Stebbins - Pennsacola, Florida

"I know that I'm not a high school student, actually I'm 43 but I love to take pictures and Donyale Madsen told me about your website and the section From Speed Graphics to Digital was very helpful to me. I always take a lot of pictures but I never thought about cropping things out or how the action shots I have taken can be more important than the still shots. Thanks for all the great hints."

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"Your website is a work of art. Please know that I am paying you my highest tribute to compare the classiness of your work to that of Texas Highways magazine and let me emphasize that I think TH is one of this state's greatest assets - the National Geographic of Texas. Looks like you've got the NG of East Texas. You can bet this site is now in my favorites center."

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As a regular visitor to this website, I was intrigued by the feature "From Speed Graphics to Digital." Having spent 40 years in public education, I know a good teaching tool when I see one. You provide solid, practical ideas and examples of how to translate those ideas into action. Whether you're a student in a photography class or just an old amateur like me, this will be helpful information. I'm obviously not a teenager anymore but I feel I'll be able to improve my of photography. Thanks for the tips.

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