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It would be easy to think Charlie Harris is a degree off center as you watch him lean over the very short wire barrier in front of him and tap a large gator on the head, but he does it anyway.

Raising gators and putting on a show is everyday life for Charlie. It’s who he is.

Every day in the afternoon Charlie feeds his gator family chunks of raw chicken and while they had lined up on the grass and dirt that borders the pond they live in, waiting for the food, once fed they slid back into the water and disappeared at least momentarily.

The crowd of onlookers enjoyed the show.

There is much more to take advantage of at this small East Texas wildlife park, including birds, snakes, deer and steaks.



As strange as it may sound, they serve some of the best steaks we’ve tasted… ever … anywhere. And we were told in advance what to expect and we were still surprised.

Steak and baked potato with a salad and the price to get in was waved when we said we’d eat… all for less than $18.

No kidding. We know this will sound like an advertisement but it’s not. We’ll happily expose something this good for all our readers, anytime, anywhere.

This place isn’t easy to find so if you go out of your way to visit and you don’t like the steak, well, let us know… and we’ll be shocked!

In the meantime visit their website at to get a more complete rundown on what wildlife they have to show you and for directions to their park.

We’ll give you a hint here… it is located in the gentle rolling farm land between Grand Saline, Van and Lindale, a little over an hour east of Dallas.

When it’s quite hot in the summer, they have misters and fans outside that help keep visitors cool. “Help” is the key word…