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Much of Caddo Lake reminds one of a river that doesn’t flow. It’s a picturesque, tranquil and almost mystical mixture of channels that are both confusing (not many street signs) and beautiful.

The more than 25,000 acres of lake and wetlands is located on the Texas-Louisiana border north of Interstate 20 and it may be the most unique lake-experience of your life.

Any time of year can provide a great experience but in the fall, when the leaves begin to change color and the summer heat evaporates, the experience is outstanding.

The day we spent several hours taking pictures we were surprised by what we saw and what we didn’t see.

We didn’t see any alligators and we assumed we would. We did see some beautiful birds and a great assortment of water craft, from kayaks and canoes to simple and inexpensive boats used for fishing… and some rather high speed activity.

Given the narrowness of the channels we were navigating, it was nice to note that in each case, the very swift among us on the water, slowed to a crawl as they passed smaller craft.

Caddo Lake reminds one of a movie set and indeed well over a dozen movies have been filmed at and around the lake, including The Long Hot Summer, Big Bad John, The Legend of Boggy Creek and The Ghost of Cyprus Swamp.

As one drifts through the narrow channels between towering cypress trees, you can watch some of the water fowl fishing… walking in water that appears to be deep but isn’t.

For those who are inclined to step back in time, the “Graceful Ghost” is a steamship paddle wheel boat that glides among the colorful cypress.

We visited the lake shortly before Halloween and the Government Ditch was “decorated” with a mixture of skeletons, a head with no body, a huge black widow spider that dangled over head, as well as many other ghoulish, ghastly and ghostly scenes.

Given the protection from the wind provided by the tall trees, most of the water we saw was calm and perfect for reflective photography.

Take a camera and shoot lots of pictures.