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Lower your lake level and wait for the pelicans... they'll find the easy dining and when they do they'll arrive in large numbers. Just ask those who live near Lake Greenbriar at Holly Lake Ranch in East Texas.

Years go by without seeing pelicans on that body of water but in 2014 the water level of the lake was dropped several feet in order to do a number of maintenance issues, including an attempt to control or eliminate the growth of unwanted aquatic plant life.

The "word" got out among the pelican family and as 2014 turned into 2015 they began to arrive by the hundreds. It's rather entertaining to watch as they gather in large numbers and "herd" the fish into the shallow areas of the lake and then the dining begins.

The downside, if it is to be considered that, is that, as one golfer standing on the lake side tee box said, "they'll have to restock the lake when then get the water level back up." The lake has been a producer of bass in the two to three pound range for a number of years.