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After the ever-changing and roller-coaster winters of north and east Texas, with temperatures bouncing back and forth from the high teens to the 70s and even the occasional 80s, spring is a welcome change, with the delightful awakening of fresh growth on numerous trees and plants.
As February slips into March, azaleas and dogwoods hold center stage.
A wide variety of trees begin to show color, with the Redbud's tiny flowers appearing much like miniature orchids.
The early morning sun glistens on a fig leaf, creating an almost halo-like appearance and the pine trees begin producing pollen that for a short time covers everything in a yellow-green dust.
It's just another sign that winter is gone and the short period leading up to the heat of summer is upon us.
As March ends and April rains turn the native grasses to a lush green, the narrow winding country roads are bordered by a salad bowl of color.
It's an opportunity to slow down and take in what nature has in store for each of us.