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If you have a little gray hair and you're in search of yesteryear, try going down "memory lane" by taking in one of the many antique or classic auto shows that take place in East Texas several times each year.
Spring, summer and fall you'll be able to find a show somewhere in East Texas.
It's fun to watch the expressions on the faces of those who walk among the cars, talking about their youth and how fast "that Chevy would go."
The participants bring their cars on trailers or drive their vehicles from nearby states and it's quiteamusing to watch a 1920s-vintage vehicle drive past a long line of "youngsters" from the 1940s and 1950s as though to say "It's okay boys, I'm here... you can start the show now."
The photos displayed here were taken in the Wood County communities of Winnsboro and Mineola, and they are among the shows that have experienced growth in the number of vehicles entered during recent years.
Much to the delight of the hundreds of spectators that spend hours moving among the vintage vehicles, the Mineola show has more than doubled in size.
One of the organizers, Bob Smith, who is a used car dealer when he's not working on the next show, happily says, "If it keeps growing, I don't know where we'll put all the cars."