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Far from the bright lights and TV coverage of the Orange County Choppers, with their eclectic, exciting and beautiful custom motorcycles, there toils a single man with the expertise and vision to make motorcycles go faster than most human beings ever thought they might.
Evenings and sometimes on weekends, John Storace is a member of the city council in the East Texas community of Mineola. Like the others on the council, he's a volunteer.
By day, when area residents aren't coming into his shop to discuss water mains or pot holes in streets, he builds world champion motorcycle frames... drag motorcycle chassis to be specific.
His creations have won championships at speeds over 225 MPH where ever champions are crowned and he does it all in a modest, one-man-business located in an area better known for selling antiques.
His business, Weekend Frame Company, melts gently into the surroundings almost unnoticed, except by those who know it's there. And those that do know, well they may come from places such as Australia, Europe, Canada and across the USA.
Drag racers have been known to beat a path to his shop by phone, by internet or in person for an opportunity to race one of his bikes.
His is a world of metal chips and shavings, bent metal tubing, intricate welding and head-holding "thinking" moments that slow action only momentarily as one issue after another is solved.
He's meticulous and the notes he uses in building the custom made creations, "are hard to lose," he said, when written on steel. Thus numerous pieces of machinery have notes written on them that change from job to job.
Outside Weekend Frame, the buildings simply blend together. Nothing special.
Inside there's a world few East Texans ever get to visit.
For more information about his "art" take a moment to visit where you'll have ample opportunity to see more photos of his creations.